Kansas Department of Commerce Call Center QA Supervisor in Wichita, Kansas

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Company Description

American Directions Group does a wide variety of telephone surveys, usually political and customer satisfaction surveys.' We call people to ask them their opinions on various topics or products.' There is no sales involved.' We have been in business for over thirty years and are now opening up a new center in Wichita, Kansas.' This is an exciting opportunity to start with a company at inception as there will be tremendous opportunity for advancement as we grow.

Job Description

The Quality Assurance Supervisor is a critical position with the call center.' The QA Supervisor will drive the quality of the data we collect for our clients by training and assimilating call center agents in proper interviewing techniques.' The QA Supervisor ensures that appropriate improvement plans for agents are in place and being implemented as well as monitoring calls made and providing immediate feedback.' The QA Supervisor facilitates client monitoring sessions, conferencing our agents with our client to allow the client to listen to the work being completed. The projects we complete are in and out of field very quickly, typically lasting three days.' While there are similarities between some jobs, the successful applicant must demonstrate a strong ability to think and react quickly.


Job Duties

+ Training and assimilating new hires

+ Creating